Tire Sealant

Install BlueShield49® Sealants on your tires and a tire puncture will never stop you again.

Certified Effectiveness

  • Eliminates tire punctures and air leaks for the entire lifespan of the tire.
  • The only product that avoids tire punctures caused by objects up to 16mm (32mm in the XXL version).
  • Instantly seals any puncture, even at very slow speeds. A single application prevents all tire punctures.
  • For all types of vehicles and tires with no weight limit.

Economical and highly profitable

  • The cheapest on the market.
  • Reduces maintenance and assistance costs. Makes tires last up to 25% longer.
  • Lowers fuel costs.


  • Increases the active safety of the vehicle.
  • Eliminates the risks of driving with the wrong air pressure. Avoids having to stop to repair tire punctures.
  • Avoids having to stop to repair tire punctures.
  • Does not require specific storage conditions, as it does not expire and is not flammable


  • Reduces CO2 emissions due to lower fuel consumption.
  • Contains no adhesives or chemicals so does not damage the rim or tire.
  • The only environmentally friendly sealant.